Watchdog Statistics | About


The Watchdog Statistics page is a fun, little project I, bugfroggy, came up with near the beginning of May 2016 and officially started working around the end of May 2016. My goal was to catalog a database full of data about Watchdog and it's progress over time. Not long after starting the project, I thought it'd be fun to use these data-points to create graphs and comparisons to "real-life" situations. It then, over time, evolved into how I have it today. This website is currently being redesigned from the ground up.


How does this work?

Originally, I used an unofficial API hosted by Cryptkeeper to gather my data. I now use Hypixel's official API, sending a request to it on occassion and then storing the data it returns in a local database. Hypixel's official API only displays recent data and not Watchdog's entire history.

Can I give you my idea for this site?

Yup, you can give me any ideas you have on my Google Form.